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Peter Palivos

Investment Manager, Developer & Philanthropist

Peter Palivos is a dedicated business owner, lawyer, and philanthropist.

Prior to finding great success in the real estate industry, Peter Palivos had quite a fulfilling law career. Upon graduating from Trinity College, with a Bachelor’s Degree in History, Peter Palivos found himself attending Chicago-Kent College of Law in pursuit of a law degree. In 1983, Palivos received his degree and began working for Rittenberg, Krichiver and Buffen Ltd. For over 3 years, Palivos worked as an Associate, Partner for Rittenberg, Krichiver and Buffen Ltd. before establishing his own firm, Peter A. Palivos & Associates. For over 20 years, Peter Palivos effectively managed his firm, before transitioning into real estate.

Today, Peter Palivos works as a real estate developer both nationally and internationally. Peter focuses his development endeavors on a variety of sectors, including retail, offices, and multi family. Peter has developed and restored many projects in the United States and Europe. Two of the projects that received awards involved the renovation and restoration of two American landmark buildings in Chicago- the Oliver and Delaware buildings. Both of these buildings were two of the first steel skyscraper structures build in the world. Their construction occurred following the Great Chicago Fire of October 10, 1971, which destroyed most of the city and showed the importance of constructing steel structures instead of wood structures in densely populated cities. The Oliver Building is located at 159 N.Dearborn and the Delaware Building is located at 36 W. Randolph in downtown Chicago.

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