If you have never sold a home before, it’s important to do extensive due diligence before diving into the process. There are many tips and tricks to employ that will ensure you are on an even playing field with other houses for sale in your area. 

The first thing you want to do is set a reasonable price-point. A listing agent will analyze details like your square footage and number of bedrooms and then price your home according to the comparable ones around you. There are estimates on websites like Zillow that will provide you with the rough value of your home, but this is not the same as paying a professional. In addition to handling these duties, a listing agent also relieves you of other tasks such as placing the advertisement and speaking with potential buyers. In addition, the listing agent is the one who handles any open houses or viewings of a property. If an offer is made, they are also the ones who handle the negotiations between the seller and potential buyer and manage all the paperwork up to and including closing. 

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to attracting a buyer is that you want them to be able to envision themselves living in the home. They also want to see it as move-in ready. This means the less maintenance they have to do, the better. You should remove all traces of personal items and do a thorough cleaning with a professional cleaning company. Once clean, a fresh coat of paint is the secret to getting thousands of dollars added to a list price. Any small repairs should be handled. If larger projects need to be done, such as a new roof, the listing agent can factor that into the price to make it seem more enticing. Lastly, fill the home with staging furniture to give it a homey feeling.

When it comes time to show the home, their first reaction is critical. This includes curb appeal. Any walkway or driveway damage should be fixed and weeds should be removed. A power washer is very easy to rent and it’s like an outdoor coat of paint for an entryway and curb. The pictures taken for the Agent website should be high-quality and preferably include a video tour.