If you rent your home instead of owning it, then you might assume that you can’t make the place your own. Even if you can guess which walls are load-bearing and holding up the roof of your house or apartment, you can’t start knocking out the rest for an open concept area. Still, there are plenty of other rental hacks you can try to personalize your space.

The Bathroom

Your bathroom is an unlikely but powerful place to start. Just cleaning your dirty grout will spruce up the vibe of the whole room.

While in your bathroom, consider a curved shower curtain rod. If you have a small space, that might just make your shower feel a lot more spacious.

Think about putting in some framed art in your bathroom. It’s an unusual place for art, to be sure, but it can bring together the design of your home.

Wall Decorations

Redecorating the walls in any room doesn’t have to be a big hassle, and it’s a compelling way to change the entire aesthetic of your home. Many property owners will be okay with you repainting, although you might have to revert to the original paint color when you move out.

If you want to hang many pictures without putting nail holes in the wall, consider mounting a big piece of plywood on the wall. You can use it to attach photos and posters without physically damaging the actual structure.

For that matter, look into wall decals. You can get decals for nearly anything online. They’re easy to put up, and they’re just as easy to take down. The only limit is your imagination.

Finally, remember that going vertical matters when short on floor space. Look for hanging shelves you can put over furniture to store or display more things. If you want to get super-efficient, buy a cutting board that fits over your oven range so you can save precious space in your kitchen and cooking area.

Don’t limit yourself to the ideas you know you have permission for through your rental agreement. Your landlord or property manager is only an email or phone call away, and you never know what suggestions they might be willing to approve.