Homes sold with the help of a real estate agent typically net several thousand dollars more than those sold by the owner alone. Therefore, the agent a homeowner picks has a huge effect on their whole experience. Those who want a convenient sale and higher profits should consider these factors before choosing a realtor.

Recommended Pricing

One of the most important parts of selling a home is picking a price that is reasonable while still being as high as possible. For this reason, sellers need to be wary of agents estimating unusually high listing prices. Some agents may promise big profits in order to pull in buyers, but that does not guarantee homeowners will actually sell the house for that rate. Try to find an agent who is realistic, offering a range of prices. They should be able to justify their estimate with discussions of market conditions, comparable homes sold recently, and data about the house. In addition, it’s very easy to do your own research using websites like trulia and zillow

Marketing Ideas

In any consultation, homeowners should ask the realtor about their marketing and advertising techniques. Ask about whether they provide staging services and what sites they would use to market the property. A good agent should have an extensive marketing method in place and be able to tell you exactly what they do to get buyers interested in a property.

Education and Experience

Typically, the best agent will be someone with a lot of education and experience. Homeowners should ask how long the agent has been in business. Ideally, they will have spent plenty of time working in the specific region. It is also important to ask about which degrees and certifications an agent has. This can tell a homeowner whether the agent can navigate all the legal complexities of negotiating and closing on a sale.

Details About Commissions and Contracts

Homeowners need to ask about commissions, so they can know exactly how many fees they will be paying when the sale is finalized. Usually, most homeowners should avoid agents that require sellers to sign lengthy exclusivity agreements. A good agent will let the homeowner go with another agent after a few months if things aren’t working out, because they do not need to rely on contacts to keep their clients’ business.