Home value doesn’t begin and end with equity. To enhance home value and equitable purchasing power, sellers must also incorporate home features with innovative details of convenience, attraction, and functionality.

Desirable Outdoor Home Features

Outdoor living areas are one of the top home selling features of 2021. Patios and outdoor living spaces designed to accommodate friends, family, and pet-friendly details inform potential buyers that the home calls their name.

Details like fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and bars, covered seating areas with open-air freshness are some of the most enticing features buyers have come to expect and envision themselves being a part of.

Beautiful outdoor landscape lighting is another fetching component that attracts 85% of potential buyers like a honey bee to nectar, and for a good reason. Not only does outdoor home and landscape lighting provide beautiful ambiance at reasonable rates; it also serves as an added security measure.

Desirable Indoor Home Features

Home purchasing is a significant investment, and the more efficient the home, the more efficient the investment potential. One indoor feature in high demand that assists with the heating and cooling costs is energy-efficient windows. Newer windows also provide security and aesthetic allure to a home’s exterior.

There are many window styles and materials to choose from. Select a manufacturer that understands what is appropriate for the home’s style and climate.

Roomy, walk-in pantries large enough to hold a plethora of food supplies at easy reach is a well sought-out kitchen feature that challenges smaller storage and cabinetry of days gone by.

With families dining in more in 2021, the convenience of having supplies on hand is a must. The comfort of walking in and retrieving items from floor to ceiling makes life a lot less hectic.

Hardwood flooring has returned to the popular flooring market. Hardwood, engineered woods, and laminates are outstanding options. They are designed for beauty and easy care with a designer feel home buyers desire.

Hardwoods are a durable flooring plan for the entire home or in high-traffic areas that can last a lifetime.

Turn-key, updated, and well-equipped homes are in high demand. Buyers and sellers work together to make that perfect dream home come to life, so everybody wins!