Honesty is the best policy, but when you’re trying to sell your home, you’ll want to make sure you’re not oversharing the truth. The saying “loose lips sink ships” could not be truer in the real estate world because what you may think to true, could just be your opinion. The more you share, the less leverage you have when it comes time to negotiate. Here are a few phrases that you should only share with your realtor.

1. “The taxes in this area are incredibly high.”
Potential buyers may hesitate once they learn taxes in the area are high, especially the buyers who don’t partake in the advantages of what tax dollars provide, such as public schooling and other amenities.

2. “I looking for some peace and quiet.”
If you’re selling your home to find yourself some peace and quiet, you’ll want to keep that piece of information to yourself. Whether it’s noisy neighbors, barking dogs, or other annoying sounds, buyers are going to be turned away from that, making your home harder to sell.

3. “The house is old and needs some work.”
Recent DIY trends are making this not such a scary phrase; however, if a potential buyer thinks the house needs more work than they can manage, it might discourage the sale. Fix what you can handle before putting your house on the market, and it can really help your house sell faster.

4. “I have crazy neighbors.”
You may not have gotten off on the right foot with your neighbors, but that may not be the case for the next owners of your home. Remember that your encounters with people aren’t always going to be the same as everyone else so

5. “I have to move because of my job.”
While this may seem like a harmless thing to share with potential buyers, it may show a sense of urgency for your move, allowing the buyer to make a lowball offer.

6. “We’re outgrowing this house.”
Again, this can be another seemingly harmless statement. Though, to the ears of a buyer, it may imply that the house feels to be much smaller than it is. Allow for the square footage to do all the talking for you. If your living quarters are beginning to feel small, there are ways to stage your home to make it appear larger.

The bottom line is, we never want to deceive the buyers, we just don’t want to make their opinions for them or cause them to jump to conclusions because of what we said. Realtors are much like attorneys whereas they are skilled professionals with the knowledge of what is the right thing to say and the right time to say it.