Quite like the stock market, the real estate market is constantly shifting. The state of the real estate market can be influenced by a multitude of things in the area, such as new businesses or schools, or perhaps shifts in local regulations. Beyond these are several other circumstances that also tend to play a role in how the market rises and falls, and some are extremely important in determining growth in the market. Here are a few things to look for if you aren’t sure if your local real estate market is on the rise.

Population Growth

Population plays a large role in the real estate market. If the population of an area dramatically changes, that can be a sign that real estate investors should either back off or dig deeper. Population demographics play a role as well, such as the age of the people who are moving to or away from a location. Arian Nemati of ADEx AI uses university student numbers as an example. If an area were to see massive growth in the number of students attending a local university, that would mean looking into housing investments in the short term with rental apartments in the midterm.

Employment Growth/Low Unemployment Rates

Another trend that’s important to look at is employment. When new employers move into an area, that means people will move there for employment opportunities. This can mean more people to sell or rent housing too, as well as new businesses looking for commercial real estate for their storefronts and offices. An area having low unemployment rates is also usually a good sign, and it allows real estate investors and agents to push a little bit more in terms of selling.

Government Regulations

Government regulations tend to play a large role in the real estate market, especially at the local level. While factors such as price and the number of days on the market are important, government regulations such as city inspection requirements or zoning restrictions play pivotal roles in knowing whether or not your local market is on the rise. Depending on where you’re located, these regulations can both positively and negatively affect the market.

The real estate market is constantly shifting, but there are usually many signs one can look out for to give them an idea of where it will go. Beyond what I’ve gone over here, other circumstances such as absorption rate or the number of real estate showings in your area are great indicators of how your local market can shift with trends. Do your research and you’ll have no problem being able to read your local market.