With the turn on the year comes many new home buyers. These buyers are more selective than they’ve ever been in the past which means your house could sell quicker than you ever thought imaginable, or it could sit on the sidelines for longer than you anticipated. If you want to have a successful year of selling, pay close attention to the following tips.

Tailor your marketing efforts to the specific generations.

This year, the youngest of the Millennials will be turning 18. This generation is now the largest of the home buyers, making up 43% of the market. If you want to sell to this demographic, you’ll need to know some quick facts about them. For one, they are looking to settle down in a suburb, one within walking distance of amenities such as cafes. If the home you’re trying to sell has these features, it’s best to play them up so it’s more attractive to the young 20-something buyer.

On the other hand, don’t write off the Baby Boomers just yet. An astounding statistic from the AARP shows that almost 90% of seniors plan to stay in their house instead of moving to a home as they grow older. When selling your home, be sure to woo these buyers with amenities such as accessibility entrance ways or one-level ranchers.

Upgrade your virtual tours with the use of drones.

Many people are looking online for homes before they book a showing. If you want to give your potential buyers the best experience, upgrade your plain video tours by incorporating the use of drones. Drones will provide aerial views of the home, which can also include showing the landscaping as well as what the neighboring homes look like. Make sure to employ someone that has the required certificates.

Have your home pre-inspected before you sell.

Many buyers these days are looking for homes that are move-in ready and won’t have problems that need tending to their first few weeks of living there. Having your home pre-inspected shows that you understand the value of a worry-free move-in. However, I will caution you that getting your own pre-inspection done does not mean that buyers will want their own inspection done as well. Here’s a great link that shows the pros and cons of a pre-inspection.