You cannot re-make the first impression. This is important to home selling because of how often home buyers formulate their opinion before even stepping inside. And while we all know not to judge a book by its cover, half of the reason people buy homes is to have that pristine lawn and picket fence. This is why, when maximizing your home’s value, curb appeal should be a high priority.

What is Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is how likable your home appears to be from the street. The appeal when standing at the curb. However, it can go beyond just appearances. Consider the things you can see from the street – the status of the roof, the painting or siding, how well-kempt the lawn and gardens are. These are all facets of curb appeal and can have a large impact on drawing in potential buyers.

Curb appeal is a useful sales tool to have in your pocket. Buyers are looking for their dream home, and even if the pieces are all there, it will be easier for them to see themselves living there if the outside draws them inside.

Grass, Landscaping, and Trees

Picture yourself driving past your home. Imagine the things that you’ll see first as it comes into view. The landscaping is very important to the first impression the property makes, and proper lawn maintenance is doubly important. Ensure you have a regular mowing schedule to ensure the lawn is well kept. Plant seed to patch up any spots of sparse or damaged grass. You can even invest in sod or artificial grass if you have any severe problem areas.

The next most important landscaping facet is the immediate outside of your home. A Fresh bed of mulch can spruce up (haha!) your landscaping with little effort. Trim any hedges or bushes, and consider removing any that are too far gone.

Consider actually driving past your home after doing some yard work – you might be surprised at how much you’ve changed, or see something new to tackle! 

Roof and Siding

Nobody enjoys having their roofing tiles installed. It’s a long, arduous process that is noisy and takes time. No buyer will want to go through the process of having roofing installed, so this may be something to have done prior to selling. As a bonus to yourself, getting your roofing done can be a huge increase to the property value! This same reasoning applies to siding and paint – chips and gaps present an investment that the buyer will have to make, so covering that yourself can help sell the house.